Use Your Android Smartphone As Wireless Speaker For Your PC

The default speaker of our PC might not work properly every time. Few of us might have damaged the speaker of our PC in some accidents. In my case speaker of my laptop stopped working after I dropped a cup of tea on my laptop.

Since the speakers of my laptop was not working I bought a wired speaker for it. For few days I really enjoyed the sounds from my brand new speakers but later I realized that it sucks the portability of my laptop.

Then I thought, what if I can use my Android Smartphone as a wireless speaker for my laptop ? Yes, finally I discovered a way to use my Android Smartphone as a very portable wireless speaker for my laptop. So, on this post I will show you how we can use our smartphone as a wireless speaker for our computer.

For this we are going to use an application called soundwire. Soundwire allows us to stream the audio from our computer to our Android smartphone. It is really very easy to use because of it's simple user interface.

For wirelessly transmitting the audio from our computer to our smartphone we have to install soundwire server on our PC and then soundwire client on our android phone. There is both free and paid version of the soundwire client available on Google Play Store.

Now, let's download the files that we need for this. These are the download links.
For Soundwire Server:
Download for Windows 7/8/10 version
Download for Windows XP version
Download for Linux 64-bit
Download for Linux 32-bit
Download for Raspberry Pi

After you download the soundwire server from the link above, now it's time to install the soundwire client on our Android phone. These are the links for soundwire client on Google Play Store:
SoundWire Free Version
SoundWire Full Version ($3.93)

Now, we have to install the soundwire server on our PC. Extract the setup file from the zip file that you downloaded from the georgielabs site and install it.

After you install the software, open it and now you can see the User Interface like this. 

 There on the Server Address you can see an IP address and this is the only thing that we need to connect our soundwire client. 

Now, open the soundwire client on your android smartphone and there you can see the input same as like on this image. Now here we have to put the IP address  that is displayed on the soundwire server on our computer. Just put the IP address like I did. Here I have used because this is IP address that I can see on the soundwire server.  Once you put the IP address tap on the soundwire logo which is just aboce the IP address.

Now after we tap on the soundwire logo, we can see connected status on the soundwire server on our computer same like the image below.

Once we connect our soundwire client to our server on our PC, the audio that is played on PC will be streamed on our android smartphone. These all things are done under the WiFi connection so, you can use your smartphone as speaker anywhere under the range of your WiFi.

To make things more easier I have made a video about this, you can check this video for more details.

I hope this helped you to use your android smartphone as a speaker for your PC. Guys, please don't forget to subscribe my youtube channel & like this video. Also, this might be helpful for your friends who are looking for the alternative of their PC speakers, so don't forget to share it.. :) 

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