Charge Your Phone With Plants

Have you ever thought that a plant can charge your phone ? Actually this sounds crazy and it's hard to believe that a plant can produce electricity that can charge you phone.

But it's true that a plant can now produce electricity and you can charge your phone from  it anytime.

A team of students and engineers from Arkyne technologies, who are specialized in the innovation of renewable energies has made it possible to charge your smartphone by plugging it into a plant.

More Details On This Technology, Availability and Price: Bioo Lite on Indigogo

So how does this bio charger works ?

Beneath the plant sits there are two smaller pots of bacteria that react with water to produce electricity.

Once your plant starts converting sunlight into energy during photosynthesis process, the compounds created in the soil trickle through a semi-permeable membrane covering the bacteria pots.

The bacteria then feeds on the compounds creating electrons that are gathered by a nano-wire network. Those electrons are stored in a battery, also at the bottom of the pot, which is connected to a USB cable you keep on the surface to charge your phone.

The power thus generated is roughly equivalent to the power that comes out of a USB port on a computer, not only that but the amount of charge generated by bioo lite depends upon the plant that we put on the pot. The plant with more green leafs will generate more electricity than with less leaves like cactus..

This plant charger is available for pre-order on indigogo website for 99 Euro..
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